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        ZAMBU's tangible experience makes it truly unique to the world of liquor. When founder, Jared              McClain, encountered an edible exotic flower from the Amazon in 2012, he had no idea where it would eventually lead him, but after eating just one, he knew it was something special because the reaction was unforgettable! Over the next couple of years, he dreamed of pairing the tingling sensation of the flower with a signature liqueur. With a little luck, multiple prototypes, and the help of many of his taste testing friends, ZAMBU was born.


ZAMBU is a delicious, grapefruit or wild berry flavor vodka liqueur that is inspired by a Brazilian flower, sometimes known as a buzz button. Growing in popularity with innovative chefs and used by cutting-edge cocktail bars, the buzz button delivers a signature tingle experience that can now be found in every bottle of ZAMBU! Enjoy ZAMBU as a shot, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail recipes. Always drink responsibly!

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